Canola Oil


Are you looking for a company to buy canola oil online at cheap rate? Then you are at right place with us! We are Lure Group a Trading Ltd and trade the highest quality canola oil worldwide. We are one of the best canola oil manufacturers and suppliers because we have the best growers.


Canola Oil For Sale. Our company is a big supplier of  Canola Oil wholesale, both in bulk and bottled. We regularly supply only high quality and 100% pure Canola Oil without adding other vegetable oils to the product. We offer to buy Canola Oil wholesale at the best price in Ukraine.

The quantity of our clients and lots of sold oil provides our organization with the situation with a dependable accomplice and provider of Canola Oil discount. Today we have fostered our own brands of Canola Oil. Our organization supplies oil to in excess of 20 nations of the world. You can buy oil with a label of your brand.


How to buy Canola Oil wholesale and what is the price?

Wholesale prices for Canola Oil that we indicated on the website are for informational purposes only. The price for Canola Oil itself may vary depending on the quantity of the order, payment methods, exchange rates and other natural causes. In order to find out the exact price or price with delivery – send us the necessary application.


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